CALLA Worskshop Handouts

State of Wyoming's 2nd State Wide Workshop for ESL teachers Casper, Wyoming

February 1 - 2, 2007



Governor's Institute

Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA

Keynote Talk PowerPoint

Monday Workshop Handout

Academic Language PowerPoint

References: CAL Digest ELL & Special Needs; Reading Rockets: What's 'Normal,' What's Not_ Acquiring English as a Second Language; What is a struggling learner?; News Digests: Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities

PS 200 New York, New York

February 15, 2006

Handout in pdf format

Powerpoint (6.5 MB)

December 7, 2005

Handout in pdf format(15 MB)

Powerpoint (3.9 MB)

Word (78.7 MB)

Allentown, Pennsylvania Workshops

CALLA handout in pdf format


New York City District 10 Workshops

Workshop 1: The CALLA Model
Workshop 2: CALLA Revisted
First Workshop  Handout
CALLA Revisited Handout (Second Workshop)
Powerpoint CALLA Revisited Powerpoint
Elementary Level Workshop Handout
Word  document
.pdf file
Monitoring Monkey Book (Kindergarten level)

Content Lesson Examples

CALLA Model graphic

Think-Aloud model lesson

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